International Ocean Governance: More Dialogue for Robust Results

The world’s oceans must be seen as a space providing for food, economic resources and leisure just as much as an area of high biodiversity that must be preserved as much as possible. And all under the pressure of climate change and the need to find new ways to manage our changing oceans. For that to happen it is imperative that the different actors develop tools for cooperative and coordinated action, since the different, uncoordinated and often contradictory initiatives only dissipate the efforts of the international community to tackle these challenges.

Read more about EBCD’s contribution to the European Commission’s Targeted Consultation on International Ocean Governance here.

The Consultation is only one step of a longer process that aims to collect inputs from experts and stakeholders to improve the International Ocean Governance framework. EBCD has participated since the very beginning and will continue to provide key insights to the Commission based on its expertise and knowledge. Learn more about International Ocean Governance here.

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